New asteroids find out by Nepali team


Recently, Nepalese team succeeded to find out new asteroids in Solar System. They have given names of asteroids – P-10 YLF 9, P-10 YKXH, P-10 YKZ 5, P-10 YOPZ, P-10 YOQ and P-10 YPZ. These names will be renamed by Hawaii University and NASA. The participating teams were provided the photos that were taken by the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) based in Hawaii, USA along with necessary software and instructions.

The teams found nine asteroids based on the photos and sent it to the US mainland. It will take a few years for the research to be verified. The students from Celebration Co-Ed School in Kathmandu, teachers and students from Pokhara’s Prithvinarayan Campus, and club members from Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) took part in the search campaign.
The participating teams had analyzed 180,000 moving masses of rock in the data provided by Pan-STARRS which currently operates two telescopes of 1.8 meters.

Analysis and Way Forward

Government of Nepal and private sector of Nepal should focus on fostering the talent of Nepalese young scientist for more rigorous research. Government should provide adequate platform, budget, programs and environment to develop science and technology including meteorology in Nepal. Moreover Government should support the plan from Nepali enthusiastic such as Mahabir Pun for the development of  Science and Technology as well as new innovation. Furthermore Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) should keenly pay attention upon this finding new asteroids for further enhancement of sustainable innovation by Nepali scientists. 


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