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How do we know someone is listening to us?

Some activities of the listener can identify that s/he is listening to us. They are as follows: Eye contact to speaker Nodding head to response speaker Body position of listener Facial expressions of listener Asking questions to speaker by listener Answering the questions of speaker by listener Give smile to speaker on certain situations Producing some responding sounds such as um, aha, ooh, humm etc. Mirroring (i.e. coping or being intimate with the emotions of speaker) Making notes about whatever the speaker is telling

Units of Land Area Calculation in Nepal

Units of Land Area Calculation in Nepal Land area is calculated in the following units in Nepal. Area: Ropani, Anna, Paisa, Dam 508.74 sq m = 1 ropani = 16 anna = 5476 sq. ft. 31.79 sq m = 1 anna = 4 paisa = 342.25 sq. ft. 7.94 sq m         = 1 paisa = 4 dam = 85.56 sq. ft. Area: Bigha, Katha, Paisa, Dam 6772.41 sq m = 1 Bigha = 20 Katha = 72900 sq. ft. 338.62 sq m = 1 Katha = 20 paisa = 3645 sq. ft. 16.9 sq m    = 1 Paisa =         = 182.25 sq. ft.

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