How to save the life of battery in cell (mobile) phone ?

Tips for saving battery life in cell (mobile) phone

In the past years, mobiles were having very few features and mostly used for phone calling and messaging, so its sufficient to charge mobile battery once in a week. But nowadays, a variety of smart phones with various exciting features like as video conferencing, 3D games, listening musics, capturing videos and pictures, internet surfing, maximum use of social networking sites through mobiles and using a lot of apps besides just voice calling. Moreover most of smart phones are of large screen with high intensity of lights; which is more responsible for use of a large amount of battery. Furthermore, the manufacturing companies aren't success to develop a long lasting powering batteries. That's why lets have a look on these tips to save life of batteries:

  1. Decrease the brightness of screen
  2. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other apps which are running in background and are idle
  3.  Shorten the time-out period or back light period
  4. Turn off GPS service whenever it doesn't need
  5. Don't put your mobiles in hot places
  6. Don't use vibration which rings your cell phone 
  7. Turn off unnecessary notifications of apps
  8. Recommend to use power saving mode 


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