The use of EEG in recording the brain waves

Electroencephalograph (EEG) is a tool used for gauging and recording brain waves. In 1929, Hans Berger, the German psychiatrist, published the results of his experiments using the electroecenphalograph in recording human brain waves.

Four major brain waves exist: alpha has a frequency that ranges from 8 to 14 cycles per second (cps) and is found in the occipital part of the brain. Beta covers 14 to 30 cps. Delta wave includes frequencies that are below 5 cps. Theta wave covers the range between 5 and 8 cps. Alpha waves are more active during relaxation and light sleep.

Nonetheless, their function is altered by deep mental activities. Beta waves, on the other hand, appear during mental concentration periods. In 1935, the findings of collaborators Frederic Gibbs, William Lennox, and Hallowelle Davis from Harvard on the use of EEG in epilepsy was published. Since EEG poses no pain or side effects, it is broadly included as a medium for identifying brain irregularities. The EEG is instrumental in discovering a host of brain wave abnormalities. Persons who suffer from grand mal epilepsy have brain wave patterns that resemble spikes, while those with petit mal epilepsy have arch-shaped brain waves.

Brain waves respond to physiological and chemical stimuli. For instance, the use of drugs will result in low-amplitude, high frequency brain waves. When we are asleep, the waves' pattern changes a few times. Dreaming frequently happens when the brain waves have high frequency but low amplitude.


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